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With germs, viruses, flu and bacteria all around, it is important to protect our kid’s health. Bard & Didriksen can help you prep your home for healthy living.

In a world riddled with germs, viruses and bacteria, it is vital that you take measures to protect your children from harmful germs. Kids often seem to seek out disgusting, germy things to touch, play with, or put in their mouths.

In order to protect them, you likely feel that you must keep your home or living area almost perfectly clean. 

However, some parents could go overboard in their cleaning. 

What happens When Clean becomes Too Clean

Should more parents be balanced in their germ reducing efforts? 

Here are a few reasons why a balanced approach is beneficial for your child.


When Is Clean Too Clean?

By keeping their environment too clean, parents are doing their child more harm than good. 

One in four people polled that exposing your kids to healthy microbes in the world could help build their immune system. 

Experts say that exposure to diverse microbes from other people, domestic animals and the natural environment do help build a healthy immune system and microbiome. 

However, not all germs are created equal. 

Exposing your kids to the wrong type of germs can do the opposite.  It can weaken their microbiome and cause infections.

Proper Hygiene

Engaging in avid cleaning may not be the solution in protecting them. 

While cleaning is great in removing dirt and dust particles, it doesn’t reduce the risk of infections completely. 

The most important thing in doing that is washing your hands daily. 

Parents must encourage their children to do this after using the bathroom, playing with a pet or after sneezing.  This is a hygienic act that helps in lowering the risk of infections.

Addressing Critical Areas

However, parents must focus on two important areas in the house needing to be kept clean regularly. These are the kitchen and the bathrooms. 

The kitchen contains surfaces that have had food contact and the bathroom has sinks and toilets which are being regularly touched by people.  Parents must clean these rooms in order to prevent infections amongst their children. 

Also, by focusing more on these rooms, they are being balanced in their cleaning activities and protecting their children. 

Protecting your child from so many germs in this world is important, but parents must strike a balance in this protection.  At Bard & Didriksen, our large multi-physician practice offers premier pediatric care for your child in a clean, comfortable and professional office setting.

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