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One of the most important building blocks of a child’s success is reading comprehension skills. Early literacy can assist with your child’s ability to perform well in school and throughout his or her lifetime. Even from infancy, reading aloud to your child helps to convey important concepts in simple ways, and as the child ages, books become a part of everyday life as entertainment or a way to wind down. The following are a few of the great ways you can help to ensure your child gets excited about reading.

Choose Books Your Child Likes

If you choose books that don’t appeal to the child, then it will be hard to get him to enjoy reading. Observe your child’s favorite cartoon characters, animals, places, and more, then bring your child to the library or bookstore and let him pick out the books that he’s interested in. Reading books the child has actively chosen will ensure he is more engaged as you read, allowing him to learn more during the process.

Lead by Example

Children often imitate their parents, so be a good example by showing how much you enjoy reading. When you read the newspaper, let your child read a section that is age-appropriate such as the comics or crossword puzzles. Talk about interesting books or articles you read during the day, and what you learned from them. If you read about a specific fun fact or topic of interest, mention this to your child, as she may find it fun to share the information with her classmates and friends.

Make Reading a Part of Everyday Life

Maybe your child just doesn’t enjoy books in general. Don’t let this discourage you, as a love of reading can still be fostered in creative ways. Have a family game night with a board game that includes rule cards that need to be read in order to participate. While you’re cooking, let her read the ingredients and steps to you. No matter the activity, it is important to show that reading is a part of everyday life, not just something done in school or during quiet time.

Create a Reading Area in the Child’s Room

Instead of having mostly gadgets in your child’s room, create a comfy reading area specifically for relaxing and reading. Install a bookcase or shelving and fill them with your child’s favorite books and magazines. Let your child help you decorate this space as it will allow him to participate and add to the excitement of a new reading area.

Don’t Wait to Start Reading

No child is too young for books! Although a newborn may not be able to follow along with the storyline as well as a toddler or older child, reading to a baby helps foster important language skills for development. It’s also a great way to get extra bonding time, introduce emotions, expose her to visuals, and instill an early love of reading. As she ages, make reading interactive by having her point out pictures and familiar words, create fun songs about the stories you read together, and encourage her to ask questions while you read.

It is never too early to introduce books to foster a love of reading in your child. Regularly reading with him or her will help your child build strong literacy skills that will help them succeed in life.

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