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The Weight of Education: Your Child’s Backpack

We've all seen children struggling with overfull backpacks. The child who can't walk straight because the backpack is too full. The child who is dragging the backpack along the ground because it's too heavy to lift. How does a parent know what backpack to choose and...

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Kids need a flu shot now. Don’t wait

Check out this story from USA TODAY: Kids need a flu shot now. Don't wait Flu season is near and the time for vaccinations is now, doctors say. Some parents resist the vaccine, believing it causes the flu, a study says....

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Flu Shot Clinic Schedule

Our Flu Clinics are back! We will dedicate nurses to just doing flu shots all day (see dates below). Flu shots are available for all private pay insurances. Flu Shot Clinic Dates: 09/17, 09/18, 09/19/, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18, 10/22, 10/29, 11/13, 11/14, 11/15.

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The Critical Importance of Listening to your Child

It's easy for many parents to fall into the habit of assuming that their child should be listening to them, not the other way around. In reality, however, learning to listen to your child may be more important than you think. According to a recent study reported by...

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Why Most Kids Need More Seafood

It’s obvious that consuming proper nutrition is important, but it is even more so for growing children. While there are many healthy options, seafood is often overlooked for kids, but it’s an amazing way to get vital nutrients that might otherwise be missing from your...

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Tips to Help Toddlers Stop Using Pacifiers

Pacifiers can be great for babies by helping them self-soothe, but at a certain point, they become detrimental to a child's dental development. The thought of taking your child's pacifier away might be daunting, especially if your child uses a pacifier to fall asleep,...

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Drowning Prevention Tips

Summer is fast approaching. Whether you're headed to the beach for spring break or you're planning ahead for the warm summer months, you may find yourself worrying about the risks of drowning. Keep your child safer this summer, whether you're at the beach, lake, or...

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