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Tips to Help Toddlers Stop Using Pacifiers

Pacifiers can be great for babies by helping them self-soothe, but at a certain point, they become detrimental to a child's dental development. The thought of taking your child's pacifier away might be daunting, especially if your child uses a pacifier to fall asleep,...

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Drowning Prevention Tips

Summer is fast approaching. Whether you're headed to the beach for spring break or you're planning ahead for the warm summer months, you may find yourself worrying about the risks of drowning. Keep your child safer this summer, whether you're at the beach, lake, or...

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Reducing Kids’ Intake of Sugary Drinks

Recent endorsement from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association has led to a call for changes in taxes and marketing to deter children from consuming sugary drinks. Increased cost for these items is a great starting point, as is a shift...

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Diabetes in Children & Teens

Diabetes affects millions of people around the world, and, while it is a treatable disease, it is currently unable to be cured. Unfortunately, many children and teens must deal with diabetes, whether due to genetics or lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise....

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Sleep Terrors: More Than Just Bad Dreams

All of us have bad dreams from time-to-time, but when your child begins exhibiting frightened behavior while asleep, it can make you feel helpless when calming efforts aren’t working. Your child may be experiencing sleep terrors as opposed to the typical nightmare,...

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Ways to Help Your Child be Less Fearful of Vaccines

Many kids, and even some adults, aren’t fans of getting shots. They can be uncomfortable and the anxiety leading up to having one administered can only intensify any discomfort into sheer terror. Unfortunately, if kids don’t understand why these vaccines are...

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Administering Medicine to Your Child

At some point, every child will likely need to take some kind of medication, whether they need relief for allergies, or as a way to bring down a fever. Administering medication to your child is a big responsibility and as a parent, you want to make sure you get it...

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