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Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Reading

One of the most important building blocks of a child's success is reading comprehension skills. Early literacy can assist with your child's ability to perform well in school and throughout his or her lifetime. Even from infancy, reading aloud to your child helps to...

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Spring Sports Physicals

Many children become excited as spring rolls around as it means a new sports season. However, before participating in any physical activity, your child should be evaluated by a doctor to determine if it is safe. School sports physicals, sometimes referred to as...

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Encourage Adventurous Eating Through Cooking

Many parents worry that their children aren't eating a balanced diet, and introducing new foods to your child can be a daunting task for both parents and children. One way to encourage your child to be a more adventurous eater is by having them help out in the...

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Trampoline Parks Pose Increased Injury Risk

For many, trampolines are a childhood staple, giving everyone the ability to reach new heights - and helping burn off some excess energy. While any physical activity comes with its own risks, trampolines and the newly-popularized trampoline jump-parks pose a...

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The Measles: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

With the recent news regarding measles outbreaks across the United States, it is important to understand how the illness spreads, its identifying symptoms, and how to prevent it from affecting your family. Although the measles was considered eliminated from the U.S....

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Dandruff or Lice? How to Know and What to Do

Lice and dandruff may look similar at first glance, but they are very different conditions with very different treatments. Unlike dandruff, lice are highly contagious and can easily spread to others, so it's important to take appropriate action right away. Here's a...

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Protecting Your Teen from Meningococcal Disease

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child. When your children are young, you make sure they are vaccinated to protect them from diseases such as small pox and hepatitis. However, as they age, there is another potentially dangerous disease that can be...

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Chapped Lip Treatments for Babies

With cold, winter air, adults and babies alike are at risk of losing natural moisture, often leading to uncomfortable chapped lips. While adults are able to easily grab almost any lip balm off the shelf, the solution is not as easy for infants. Fortunately, there are...

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Sport – Related Concussions: How Can I Know for Sure?

We've all seen it: A professional athlete gets hit, sustains a concussion, walks off the field, and then before we know it, is back to "work" as if nothing had ever happened. This promotes the idea that a concussion can't be too serious or surely the player would have...

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Latest Safety Recalls for Children

Our children’s safety is a top priority, so ensuring the products they encounter daily are safe is essential. Below are the latest recalls from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission that may be present in your home:   Manhattan Toy Company Find the...

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