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Getting your child vaccinated has always been an important part of parenthood, especially during COVID-19. All parents want the very best for their children, which includes staying on top of scheduled immunization appointments so that children never have to fall victim to a preventable virus or disease. However, it seems the choice to take your child into the doctor for their Well-child checkup is more like a monumental decision then it was prior to the pandemic. The question most asked is, “Is it the right thing to do now?” The answer is yes.

The Importance of Immunizations

Bringing your child into the office for their immunizations makes it so that they don’t have to risk getting something else, like measles or pertussis at the same time as COVID-19. Because fewer people are getting their vaccinations, there is a risk that these diseases that were once almost gone, could come back. The disease itself doesn’t go away, but the low number of vaccinations is how people could be affected, which is the same for children. This is why it is not only important, but vital for children to keep up with their vaccinations.

How to Protect Your Household

The best way to protect yourself and your children from disease, especially COVID-19, is to practice all the healthy CDC guidelines such as, proper hand washing, staying home when you are feeling sick, and staying at least 6 feet apart from others. In addition to these steps, it is also important to get your children immunized on schedule so that they are not at-risk for other infections. When you follow those simple steps, you will start to see virus’ decrease as well as seeing your children grow healthier and stronger each day.

How Our Facility Protects Your Children

At Bard & Didriksen Pediatrics, we care about you and your children’s safety and want to make sure that you feel comfortable entering our clinic. For all Sick visits, patients are seen in the afternoons with one physician by themselves on one side of the building. The patients check-in via their cars and then enter and exit through a separate side door.

Through our main entrance, everyone entering, over the age of two and including staff and doctors, will be required to wear a mask, have their temperatures checked, and go through the COVID-19 screening before entering the building. Once inside, patients will notice that we have reduced the amount of chairs in our waiting rooms to coincide with social distancing guidelines. After each patient visit, we make sure to do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all exam and waiting rooms multiple times per day.

We’re here to help keep your child up-to-date with their immunizations while practicing the CDC’s guidelines in order to make sure that you have a safe and healthy appointment. For more information regarding updates on the coronavirus, visit the CDC at If you have any questions regarding immunizations or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us.