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Toys of any kind provide a world of fun and, depending on the type, can even benefit kids educationally. Though, with technology booming in all aspects and areas of our lives, some parents choose traditional toys such as blocks, puzzles, dolls and action figures over kid-friendly tablets, toys that light up and play music, or allow the kids to interact with narrative toys. Here are the benefits to both tech and traditional toys for your children.

The Benefits of Tech Toys

Technology in kids’ toys has been all the rage for the last 60 years. From musical books to talking and light-up robots, these toys capture all the senses for little adventurers. Having these types of toys will help with the following:

  • Build technological awareness – The more techy toys kids have at an early age, the more they will enhance their knowledge of how to use and grow into different types of technology as they get older.
  • Promote education – Fisher Price, Little Tike, and V-tech are just a few brands that promote learning from their tech toys. Having your baby sit under a flashy, musical arch singing the alphabet or learning numbers, or letting your toddler learn how to write and count with V-tech’s endless library of educational apps.
  • Allows for creativity to expand – Kids can use pens and paper, but with techy toys, like tablets, and once they’re older, computers, these tools help to expand their creativity and create things outside the box. Instead of a an ordinary square, they can create a 3D square that lights up, bounces and even talks.

The Benefits of Traditional Toys

Traditional toys are still being made because they are still functional when it comes to a child’s development and activity skills. They may not have the glitz and glamour like their techy counterparts, but they still provide that level of pizazz that attracts even the tiniest of eyes. Here are some benefits to having traditional toys:

  • Creates social interaction – When a child plays with blocks, puzzles, or board games it provides social interaction for everyone to be involved. Tech toys build upon learning how to share and take turns, but traditional toys allow everyone to play.
  • Reading books – Sure, kids can read books on tablets, but only for a short period as the light can hurt their eyes over too much use. Texture books for infants help to develop their sense of touch and when they start learning how to read, give them age appropriate books to enhance their reading ability.
  • Transported to outdoor activities – Techy toys are better suited indoors, but with traditional toys such as balls, jump ropes and sidewalk chalk, kids are not only outside getting some fresh air, but they’re learning about sports, outdoor art and being active all while still having fun in the sun.

Technological Toys have Their Cons

Tech toys can be great, but they are not without their flaws and downfalls. With lots of lights, sounds and movement coming from them, they can possess harm if not enjoyed in small doses. Here are a few cons in tech toys:

  • Unhealthy lifestyles – When your kid is playing with their robot or V-tech tablet, they sometimes can be sitting for hours. This inactivity can lead to obesity and in worse cases, diabetes. Also, when kids stare at their tablet or TV screen for too long, the light can be harmful to their eyes. Be sure to set a screen and tech limit so that kids have a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle with their tech toys.
  • Isolation – Certain tech toys like video games and apps can take over children’s interaction with others. If your kid is playing a video game while isolating themselves in their room or basement, think about moving the console into the family room where you can bond with your kid and they aren’t shut in from the outside world.
  • Lower social skills – Since some tech toys require more focus than others, it can be almost impossible to talk to your children. The more they play with their tech toys, the less likely they are to communicate and socialize with you and their friends.

All toys promote a level of learning and fun, but tech toys need a little more attention and limit than traditional toys. They both can reside in your home in perfect harmony, but don’t let them be a division when it comes to playing with your kids.

For more information on choosing the best toys for your children and how they can aid in their development, contact us. We want the best for your kids when it comes to their well-being and learning skills.