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These days, it seems there is an almost endless list of features offered in new children’s gear and toys. Unfortunately, if parents and guardians are not fully educated on the function, proper assembly, and installation of the product, these items can potentially be hazardous. For example, an American Academy of Pediatrics study found that an incredible 93% of parents made at least one critical error in the installation or positioning of infant car safety seats, increasing the risk of injury in the case of an accident.

Of course, car seats aren’t the only equipment that require particular care in assembly. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a statement on February 16 that they are suing the popular jogging stroller brand B.O.B. by Britax for failing to issue a recall of a known problem. According to the CPSC, nearly 200 consumers have reported issues with the quick release mechanism on the front wheel not being properly engaged, resulting in the wheel falling off during motion. Because of this, nearly 50 children have been hurt, with injuries ranging from scrapes to stitches and concussions. Nearly as many adults have also reported injuries of fractured bones, ligament damage, and abrasions.

In response to this issue, Britax issued a press release that maintains the strollers are safe when used as instructed, and the quick release wheel is a defining and convenient feature needed for parents to transport the stroller. They also indicated that, as of now, they do not agree with recalling their jogging stroller, but they do want to stress the importance of parents taking the time to review the user guide provided at time of purchase, or to visit user guides and instructional videos to learn more about the safe use of their products.

This particular case serves as a vital safety reminder that, while child’s equipment may seem easy to assemble, user manuals and safety information should be read thoroughly to reduce risk of accidental injury.

For the safety of your child and yourself, always be aware of manufacturer guidelines on all equipment used for children. Most user guides are available online through a simple search of the brand and/or model number, and it is recommended that you review these guides to ensure you are following the manufacturer’s safety recommendations. If you have any questions about proper use of any children’s equipment, including strollers, car seats, or cribs, please feel free to contact us. We care about keeping your child healthy and safe!