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June is National Safety Month, and helping to keep our patients – your children – safe is our priority. We understand that as a parent or caregiver, most of the responsibility for safety falls on your shoulders, but take some of the pressure off with these tips to keep your children safe in the summer and throughout the year.

3 Top Tips for Child Safety

1. Make Driving Safe

Whether your child is in the driver’s seat or in the back in a booster, cars cause the most injuries to our children. Teen driver safety is essential as at least 50% of all teens will be in a car accident before they graduate high school, and unfortunately, crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths. To promote safe driving, talk with your child about drug and alcohol use, be a good example in your own vehicle, and don’t rely on a driver’s education course to teach them everything. Also, educate yourself on your state’s laws and restrictions for teen drivers, as there are most likely curfews and passenger limits to adhere to, and be sure to establish your own rules, as well. If your children are too young to drive, be sure they’re secured properly and seated in the booster or car seats appropriate for their size.

2. Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, especially concussions, are very common in children. Whether they’re playing team sports or individual, contact or not, sports tend to lead to bumps, bruises, sprains or broken bones. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the symptoms for the most common injuries in the sports your children are involved in so that you’re prepared if an injury should occur.

3. Safe Playtime

Playgrounds are one of a child’s favorite places to be. Because of all the energy and running around, they can also be common spots for kids to get injured. On most playgrounds, a fall is the most frequent cause of injuries. While it’s important to let them have fun and run their energy out, be aware of the potential hazards and ensure the play area is appropriate for your child’s age and abilities in order to try and prevent ending the day on a painful note.

At Bard & Didriksen Pediatrics, we want your child to have the fullest, healthiest life. You can’t prevent all injuries but knowing the symptoms and potential hazards can help. If you have any questions about various injuries or other safety concerns, contact us today.