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Taking that first step, smiling for the first time, rolling from tummy to back, waving “bye-bye” — seeing your baby grow and learn before your eyes is a thrill for every parent. But these precious firsts also provide crucial clues that your baby is growing and developing normally.

To help parents and health care providers gauge children’s progress, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer information about “developmental milestones” — movements, responses and behaviors that put your baby on par with what 75% of children can do at the same age.

Wondering if your baby is development is on track? Below is an abbreviated list of developmental milestones from the CDC for babies ages 2 months to 18 months.

2 months:

  • Calms down when spoken to or picked up
  • Looks at your face
  • Smiles when you talk to or smile at them
  • Makes sounds other than crying
  • Holds head up when on tummy

4 months:

  • Chuckles (not yet a full laugh) when you try to make them laugh
  • Makes sounds like “ooh” and “aah” (cooing)
  • If hungry, opens mouth when they see breast or bottle
  • Holds head steady without support when you are holding them
  • Holds a toy when you put it in their hand

6 months:

  • Laughs
  • Blows “raspberries” (sticks tongue out and blows)
  • Makes squealing noises
  • Reaches to grab a toy they want
  • Rolls from tummy to back

9 months:

  • Is shy, clingy or fearful around strangers
  • Looks when you call their name
  • Smiles or laughs when you play peek-a-boo
  • Makes a lot of different sounds like “mamamama” and “bababababa”
  • Sits without support

1 year:

  • Plays games with you, like patty-cake
  • Waves “bye-bye”
  • Understands “no” (pauses briefly or stops when you say it)
  • Pulls up to stand
  • Walks, holding on to furniture

15 months:

  • Claps when excited
  • Shows you affection (hugs, cuddles or kisses you)
  • Tries to say one or two words besides “mama” or “dada,” like “ba” for ball or “da” for dog
  • Looks at a familiar object when you name it
  • Stacks at least two small objects, like blocks
  • Takes a few steps on their own

18 months:

  • Moves away from you, but looks to make sure you are close by
  • Points to show you something interesting
  • Helps you dress them by pushing arm through sleeve or lifting up foot
  • Tries to say three or more words besides “mama” or “dada”
  • Walks without holding on to anyone or anything

For a complete list of milestones, as well as a milestone moments checklist, visit the CDC website or download the CDC’s free Milestone Tracker App.