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The COVID pandemic is here with no plans of vanishing soon. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we need to remember to keep loved ones and ourselves safe. It can be difficult to plan around situations like this because we are not used to any limitations while enjoying this wonderful holiday. However, the following tips can help put you at ease so you can still enjoy all your traditional Thanksgiving festivities.

Celebrate with close family

The CDC has recommended keeping to small gatherings to reduce the risk of infection. Consider celebrating with your nuclear family even if this goes against the norm. You will know you are safe since you live and interact with these people on a daily basis. Play games and cook your favorite meal to keep your Thanksgiving spirit going even if it does not feel the same as past Thanksgivings.

Drive if you must travel

The best mode of transport at this time is traveling by road. If you must celebrate elsewhere, drive to your destination, as it is much safer than other modes of transport during this pandemic. As you travel, bear in mind the safety measures as you make stops along the way. Keep your mask and gloves on when refilling at gas stations or purchasing items.

Connect virtually

You can still connect with your loved ones virtually on Thanksgiving Day if this pandemic makes it impossible to celebrate together. Share the day’s recipes earlier and chat with each other over your hot sumptuous meal.

Isolate in advance

For those who plan to meet with other family members or friends, take a week or two in advance to isolate. This will reduce the chances of you infecting those you will meet and keep your most vulnerable individuals safe as well.

Avoid crowds

It may be obvious but a reminder is good. Do not join the parades on Thanksgiving Day. Instead, watch them on TV despite them happening in your neighborhood. Plan to shop online rather than visit the malls or big box stores.

As you celebrate this unique Thanksgiving, remember to keep safe. Avoid high-risk undertakings that can jeopardize your health and that of your family members. For more information on how to keep safe during the holidays, visit or contact us today.