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As summer ends and flu season approaches, you have probably been seeing more than a few reminders that you and your family ought to get your flu shots this year. Bard and Didriksen Pediatrics are already offering our patients flu shots by appointment, but perhaps you’re not sure you really need them. Here are the two main reasons why you and your family should get your flu shots every year.

The Flu is a Range of Diseases

Unlike many other vaccinations, health experts recommend that you get a fresh flu vaccination every year, preferably sometime between August and October. This is because the flu can actually be caused by a wide range of different viruses, and so it’s necessary to design a new flu vaccine each year. These new vaccines take into account which of those viruses is likely to be the most common in that year’s flu season. Flu-causing viruses can also mutate and make older vaccines ineffective, which is why it’s important that everyone gets a new flu vaccination every year to keep your protection up-to-date.

Flu Vaccines Become Less Effective Over Time

A flu vaccine works by stimulating your body’s immune system to recognize flu viruses and prepare defenses to fight them off. Vaccines for some other diseases can create protection that lasts for years, but with flu vaccines, the defenses that the vaccine creates start to weaken much more quickly and typically only last about six months. You’ll want to get a fresh flu shot just before flu season each year so that you have the strongest protection available going into the winter months when you’re most likely to be exposed to the flu.

Getting a flu shot each year is important for the overall health of you and your family. This is why Bard and Didriksen Pediatrics offer flu shots by appointment to our patients. We want to make sure that you are in tip-top health before flu season takes over. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to get your shots today or have any questions regarding the flu and vaccines provided, please contact us today.