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Easter is a holiday known for chocolates and sweets, but for parents trying to regulate or even eliminate the extra sugar, creating an exciting basket can be a challenge. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional chocolate treat, filling all the plastic eggs with candy only leads to sugar overload. Thankfully, there are tons of simple, easy, and fun non-candy items that can be used to fill Easter eggs that kids will adore.

Plastic Easter eggs are easily filled with any sort of treat or small item your child enjoys. Be creative and think outside the hollow chocolate rabbit! Cheerios, mini-pretzels, small necklaces, doll clothes, toy cars, whistles (if your ears are up for it), silly putty, glow sticks, marbles, erasers, colors, markers, rings, money, stick-on tattoos, fruit snacks, arcade tokens, raisins, bracelets, bouncy balls, jacks, lip balm, cheese crackers, balloons, nuts, fingernail stickers, fun bandages, key chains, mini nail polish – the possibilities are endless. Of course, anything you choose, keep in mind your child’s age and be sure to only include items that are age appropriate.

If you choose to include larger “prize” eggs, write out special activities to do with your kids: special shopping trip to Dollar Store; make cookies; movie night; stay up fifteen minutes later; lunch date with Mom and Dad; go get ice cream – any special pastime they could look forward to and enjoy.

With older, school-aged children, make their basket-filling more of a challenge with a scavenger hunt. Fill the eggs with clues and let them find the answers. A simple way to incorporate the hunt into your day is to lead them through their morning, getting them ready for the day by using the clues:

  1. The Easter Bunny wanted to make pancakes but can’t find a pan. Can you help?
  2. Pancakes are ready, but where’s the syrup?
  3. The bunny has his belly full, but needs to brush his teeth. Can you help him find his toothbrush? Can you show him how to use it?
  4. Now he needs to get dressed. Can you help him find a nice outfit?
  5. He forgot to get a few things at the store. Here’s his list. Can you help?
  6. The Easter Bunny forgot that he came to give you a basket. Maybe he left it in the basement?

When your child runs for their basket, they will be excited in knowing they found all of the clues that led them to their prize. Whatever the Easter bunny has decided to include in their basket will be definitely be appreciated. No-candy Easter eggs? It’s a snap! And remember, being with your children and celebrating your traditions together is what truly matters. For any questions regarding the health and safety of your children during the holidays or anytime, contact us today.