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December 6th – 12th is National Handwashing Awareness Week and it couldn’t come at a better time. As COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases continue to rise throughout the US, it is more important than ever to remember to wash your hands thoroughly. This not only slows the spread of the coronavirus, but also kills other germs and viruses to ensure you and everyone else remains healthy to round out the year.

The Importance of Handwashing

Handwashing is a very important step in our lives as it prevents the spread of many germs, including COVID-19. There are many ways that germs and viruses can spread:

  • By touching hands whether clean or dirty.
  • By changing diapers.
  • Through infected food and liquids.
  • For COVID-19 especially, through droplets dispersed through the air during a cough, sneeze or even just by talking.
  • From contaminated surfaces.
  • From interaction with an infected person either with COVID-19 or any other illness.

If you come into contact or experience any of the aforementioned ways germs can spread, then you need to wash your hands, while also avoiding touching your eyes, mouth and nose. These areas of your face are highly susceptible to contracting an illness, with the coronavirus being no stranger to infecting a string of people.

Three-Step Handwashing Process

The best way to disinfect your hands is by following this three-step easy process.

  1. Wash your hands in clean, warm or cold water. It’s doesn’t have to be warm to kill the germs and definitely make sure it’s not hot so you don’t burn yourself.
  2. Use any type of soap, lathering it up for a good 20 seconds. Soap in and of itself kills germs without it having to be antibacterial.
  3. Finally, with a clean dry towel or disposable paper towel, rinse and dry hands completely.

How do Clean Hands Keep Us Healthy?

When you wash your hands with soap and water, you’re clearing away the dirt and germs that could make you sick if ingested into your body. It not only helps you against the coronavirus, but prevents other viruses from wreaking havoc on your immune system like the common cold, or severe viruses such as influenza, bronchiolitis and even various types of diarrhea.

If you are away from a sink and soap, hand sanitizer is a good alternative. Make sure that it is 60-95% alcohol because this higher concentration is more effective at killing germs than lower counts. Pump or squeeze the product on the palm of one hand and then with both hands, rub the sanitizer all over your hands until they are dry. This provides effective disinfection to your hands to protect them from germs.

As stated, handwashing is the most beneficial way to eliminate and protect you from harmful germs and viruses. It is best to get little ones started on the three-easy-step-handwashing process earlier rather than later to make sure germs are killed completely. If you have any questions regarding handwashing or using hand sanitizer, contact us. We are here to keep you and your family healthy through the awareness of handwashing amongst this difficult pandemic.