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The summer vacation is almost over. It is time to usher your kids to a new school year. Many kids look forward to summer breaks, but they aren’t ready to let go once the school year begins. The sudden transition from break to school can feel jarring if they aren’t prepared.

You can help your child get excited about the new school year through preparation and proper planning. In this post, our experts at Bard and Didriksen Pediatrics highlight some practical ways to prepare your kids for the upcoming school year. Whether they are first-timers or just on summer break, they can benefit from these tips.

  1. Discuss the school year

Kids love holiday breaks so much that they often forget all about school. Expecting them to adjust by themselves may be unrealistic. Therefore, talking to them about the school year in advance is a helpful way to understand how they feel about it. It’s an opportunity to address their expectations.

Talking is also a chance to remind them of the fun things to do at school. Think about interesting topics such as school trips, what they look forward to in school and playing with friends. Discussing these can get them excited about the upcoming school year and eliminate discomfort and worry about what’s to come.

  1. Establish new routines

Summer breaks are particularly enjoyable for kids since they get a lot of freedom such as staying up past their bedtimes and waking up late. However, during school periods, class schedules usually require that children get to school early.

Introducing new routines that align with school schedules in advance helps them be ready to keep up when schools open. You can also create schedules for when they shower, eat or put down their electronics to help them get the hang of a more structured routine.

  1. Involve them in the back-to-school process

The back-to-school period does not have to be dull and miserable. Pick a day and take them shopping for school supplies. Letting them choose their favorite school shoes, outfits and supplies rekindles their excitement about going back to school.

Help your kids organize their school supplies in advance. Last-minute rushes can be frustrating. Having a day to organize all school supplies will help eliminate worries. It can also give the kids a sense of control, preparing them mentally for the new school term.

  1. Rekindle school friendships

Kids separate from most of their school friends during the summer break. Setting up meetings with some of their friends during the end of summer break may also help prepare them for the new school year. With friends, they get to recap how the past year has been and even share their most memorable summer holiday moments. As a result, they eliminate worry and also rekindle friendships.

  1. Enroll them in August brush-up classes

Summer brush-up classes can help build a foundation for the new school year. These classes help kick-start their brains and get them in the flow of school. You could also hire a tutor to help or try doing it yourself. The more fun and engaging the classes or tutoring sessions are, the more kids will want to participate and get excited for going back to school.

  1. Attend orientation programs

Many schools offer orientation sessions before the new school year begins. Orientation sessions are helpful in setting your child up mentally and easing the worries that a new school year may bring. Take advantage of the orientation sessions that are provided by the school.

If your school does not offer orientation programs, you can drop by the school and let your kids meet their new teachers. Doing so creates familiarity and makes them more confident about starting a new grade level. If your child is starting school for the first time, an orientation session will familiarize them with the school’s setting and environment.


Starting a new school year is difficult for everyone involved. If you prepare well, the transition from summer break can be smooth, saving you a lot of unnecessary stress and ensuring your child enjoys the new school year.

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