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kids-help-cooking-during-holidays-blessingThe Holiday Season can be hectic with children. From sugary foods to excitement and parties, Bard & Didricksen has helpful tips to get through the season!

The holidays are meant to be a happy time of year, but parents know that they can be chaotic. There’s a lot of excitement, family gatherings and planning. Child stressors can push a parent to their limits. Everything from disliking a dish that your friend brought over for dinner to “I’m bored” can be eliminated with the right approach.

The Pediatricians at Bard & Didriksen have a few helpful tips and reminders for parents to help get through the Holiday season Gracefully:

1. Let Your Kids Help You Cook

Cooking takes a lot of time, planning and preparation. Ask your kids to help you cook. When they’re involved in mashing the potatoes or helping top the pudding pie with whipped cream, they’re going to be inclined to try the foods they helped make. How exciting that they helped you make the meal and can’t wait to eat it!

Cooking will also give your child a sense of pride and may help get out some energy in the process.

2. Explain the Importance of Graciously Accepting a Gift

When a child says “I don’t like this,” about a present, it can be an incredibly embarrassing time for mom and dad. One way to help this behavior is to explain beforehand that when they receive a gift, it is because someone is thinking of “them and wanted to be nice”. Often times, children’s wish lists don’t make it to every single family member or friend. It is important that the child understand when appropriate to thank the gift giver, and graciously talk about their dislike when out of the public.

Explain that the giver tries their best to guess what he or she may like, but that it’s the gesture that matters the most.

3. Burn Off Excess Energy

If your child has a lot of energy, have someone help get their energy out. During family get togethers and events with friends, this can be especially helpful! Maybe your cousin can go outside and play soccer with the kids while you tidy up the house. Form a group activity indoors by working with your family or friends ahead of time on kids activities. When others help burn off that excess energy, it will make that time with family when you need to cool down a whole lot smoother. (It may even become naptime!)

4. Eat Normally

Some people are famished during the holidays during family and friends gatherings because they wait all day to eat, anticipating a really big or heavy meal. When your kids haven’t eaten all day, they may get cranky, or they may lose their appetite and say “no” to their favorite food. Try and eat normally, around the same times they usually eat, even if it’s just for your kids, to help curb the cranky attitudes that hunger can cause.

5. Lower Expectations

This may be the absolute most important tip of all. Do not expect the day to go perfectly. When you have too high of expectations, you may be let down or expect the day to go differently. No one parent is perfect, and you’ll only find that picture-perfect holiday that you want on television or a greeting card. Give yourself some credit. The Holidays can be stressful even when children aren’t around. Make sure you take some time for yourself and follow the tips above to get through the season gracefully.

If your kids aren’t feeling well, or have pediatric needs prior to our around the holidays, contact us to schedule an appointment!