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Kids love to run and play outdoors. But even when the weather is bad, that’s no excuse for staying inside glued to a screen. They still need to burn off some energy to maintain fitness. So what do you do when you want to keep kids active but the weather isn’t cooperating? Here are 10 fun exercises for kids to do when they can’t get outside.


Dancing is so much fun your kids won’t even consider it exercise. Organize a dance party and let them play deejay by selecting high-energy music with danceable beats. Kids can also practice freeze dance or their favorite dance moves. You can even make it a competition with a reward for the best dancing.

Body weight exercises: Situps pushups and squats

Body weight exercises are simple and require no equipment or training, so your kids can practice them anytime. You can make the pushups easier by allowing the kids to do the modified knee pushups.

Jumping jacks

If you want your kids to improve the strength of their muscles, let them do jumping jacks indoors. This fun exercise offers an excellent cardiovascular workout that also helps kids improve their muscle strength and endurance — all while burning excess calories.

Obstacle course

Use painter’s tape to create an obstacle course on your floor, then let your kids burn off excess energy running the course. Design different courses; they can be zigzags, circles, loops, letters or even sprints. Mark the different shapes and symbols with the tape for different activities. For instance, let them make a twisting jump when they encounter a circle or hop like a frog when they get to the letter A. You can also create square boxes and instruct them to jump when they encounter one.


Kids often enjoy games that are a bit challenging. If you need an exciting indoor game that requires no sophisticated equipment, you can’t go wrong with headstands. You can teach your kids how to do them safely until they master doing them on their own.

Jump rope games

Another great way kids can burn calories and improve their muscle strength is by playing jump rope games. You can make this game fun by switching a range of styles including alternate foot jumps or side swings, or do the banana split style. You can get creative or even search YouTube for more jump rope styles.

Scavenger hunt

When bad weather has your kids sitting still indoors, get them on their feet with a scavenger hunt in the house. You can create a list of items to search for and set the rules. To keep the fun going, provide hints and offer a reward to the winner.

Wheelbarrow races

With the wheelbarrow race, kids can walk on their hands as others hold their legs and push them like a wheelbarrow. Kids have fun alternating between pushing the wheelbarrow and being the wheelbarrow. This game burns calories, builds muscle strength and improves their motor skills.


Yoga is one of the best indoor activities that your kids can practice. Search YouTube to find videos with yoga poses that will be the most fun for children. If they already have some yoga moves, let them practice as you monitor them.

Balancing on one foot

Test your kid’s balance and agility by having them balance on one foot. Multiple kids can compete against each other by seeing who can hold the balance the longest.

Help kids stay active, the weather notwithstanding

Encourage your kids to stay active, no matter the weather. At Bard & Didriksen Pediatrics, we have a range of resources with more information on how to keep your kids active and healthy. If your kid has any health issues or is due for immunization, contact us today to book an appointment.