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Eating Disorders In Children

Three things about Eating disorders in children you wish you knew sooner What it looks like: Eating disorders come in many different shapes and sizes. However there are some warning signs that you can look for. Lost interest in food: This may seem obvious, however it...

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Is Breastfeeding Dangerous?

Warnings against infant starvation related to breastfeeding have been circulating on the internet lately. Some have even recommended supplementation with formula for the first few days, just to be sure. Is it true that breastfeeding exclusively can lead to starving...

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June 2017 Safety Recalls

An expandable safety gate and children's robes were the major safety recalls in June of 2017. Madison Mill Safety Gate Madison Mill has recalled their Foldaway safety gate. This expandable gate has V-shaped openings at the top which are large enough for a small...

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Fidget Spinner Fad

Should You Buy One for Your Child? If you have children, then you have no doubt heard about fidget spinners. Across the nation, these little gadgets are the most-wanted toy. The high demand makes them hard to find, and stores that get some in stock usually sell out...

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Holiday Spinner Recall

Hobby Lobby Recalls Holiday Spinners Recently, the craft superstore Hobby Lobby had to recall two spinning light-up toys due to the dangers of choking and ingestion hazards. These items were produced for July 4 and Easter and were solid in a variety of stores around...

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Summer Float Trips Are Moving To The Top Of Your To-Do List Here are some important tips to help keep your kids safe on and in the water while on a float trip. Always jump feet first the first time when you're at your favorite swimming spot.  Clear water might look...

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Combi Shuttle Travel System Recall

Safety Recall Combi USA has recalled a stroller and car seat combination that could potentially pose a falling hazard for infants. This recall was issued May 4, 2017. No injuries have been reported so far but the United States Product Safety Commission recommends that...

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Get Your Toddler to LOVE Brushing Their Teeth

Oral Hygiene For Children Just like immunizations and well-care visits, good oral hygiene plays an important role in the overall health of a child. Fortunately, most parents find brushing and oral care relatively easy to incorporate into a consistent routine...

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It’s a boy! It’s a girl!

Finding Out The Baby's Sex One of the hottest pregnancy trends is the gender reveal. Parents find out the sex of their expected child and throw a party, take a picture, make a video or fly a flag revealing whether "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!". But not every couple...

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Summer Vacations In 2017

Take your family road trip from notorious to glorious! "Are we there yet? How much longer? Joey keeps touching me! I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I have to peeeee!" Ah... Road trips with the family. Aren't they relaxing? Traveling by car with your kids can actually be a...

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