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Health & Safety Tips for Your Family during Winter

The holidays are upon us, the weather is changing, and the temperatures outside are falling. Although there is plenty of fun to be had, it's also crucial to prepare yourself and your family in order to stay safe and avoid potential dangers of the season. With so many...

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Just Say No to Baby Walkers

A baby’s first steps are an exciting – and anxiety inducing – time. They are learning to become even more mobile and independent, able to access things parents may not have had to worry about before. Of course, babies don’t immediately go from crawling to walking...

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RSV Infection: What It Is and When to Go to the Doctor

Colder weather often brings more viruses and infections, and it can be difficult to know whether your child just has a common cold or something more serious. In particular, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the common cold from an RSV infection. While your...

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Latest Safety Recalls for Children

As parents and guardians, you work hard to keep your children safe, and have to place an enormous amount of trust in the products you choose. Even the best brands can end up being recalled by the manufacturer for safety or health issues, sometimes major ones. Below is...

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What You Need To Know About Vaping

"Vaping," a slang term used for e-cigarettes, are replacement devices for cigarettes that was typically presented as being a safer alternative. Unfortunately, these products are addictive and do pose health risks, yet is gaining popularity, especially among teenagers....

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Acute Flaccid Myelitis: What You Need To Know

Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a polio-like nervous system condition, has been making the rounds in the news lately, putting many parents on high alert. It is important to note that, even with all the coverage, AFM is a rare condition, affecting only one in a million...

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Baby’s Developmental Milestones: Birth to 4 Months

From the moment your baby is born, she is going to experience many changes, growing and developing new skills, personality traits and more. One way to help track your child’s development is by paying attention to various milestones. Of course, these developments will...

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Fevers: What they Are & When to Visit the Doctor

Fevers in children are worrisome for parents. Sometimes, the fever can be simply due to a mild sickness while other times it can be something more serious. As parents, we only want to do what is best for our kids and may want to take them to the doctor at the first...

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Promoting Independence and Self Reliance in an Unsafe World

When you have a child, it is easy to want to protect them from everything, shielding them from every potential danger or disappointment. Being a parent can sometimes be an overwhelming process. Scrolling through the news app on our phone, or finally sitting down to...

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