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Getting your baby on a sleep schedule can be a major accomplishment for a parent… (And if you’ve done it, it’s okay to take this moment to give yourself a pat on the back!). But the thought of that hard-earned victory being ruined, and your routine crumbling with upcoming travel can make any parent want to throw their own tantrum. So, before the worry and angst set in, here are some suggestions to help keep your little one’s sleep intact – no matter how far away from home you are.


Make It Familiar

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends bringing along some comforts of home. For instance, if your child has a favorite stuffed animal or cozy blanket or pillow that’s used to fall asleep at home, then be sure to pack it. The more familiar the surroundings feel, the more likely it is for your baby to be comfortable and rest well.

Know the Time

It’s important while you’re away, if possible, to keep your little one on his or her normal sleep-wake schedule. The National Sleep Foundation notes that your child’s internal clock keeps ticking no matter where you are, so allowing your baby to rest at their regular intervals should help curb the meltdowns and make the transition, even in a different time zone, easier to deal with. That means, if your baby usually gets sleepy after being awake for a couple of hours, then keep track of the clock so you know when nap time is approaching. With that in mind, make the appropriate adjustments to your environment (i.e. blocking out light, playing calming music, etc.) to aid your little one in drifting off to dreamland.

Generally, a baby with a regular sleep routine at home adapts well to vacation changes. So, don’t fret; It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with a little planning, it’s possible for your baby to maintain quality sleep as you hit the road. If you have any other questions or concerns about getting your baby to sleep, contact us today to find out how our pediatricians can help.