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Could Swimming Lessons Keep my Baby Safe?

Swimming Lessons For Babies, Bard and Didriksen, Pediatric care

The water is a naturally soothing environment for your baby; newborn swimming lessons provide you both with bonding time; you also help your infant discover new sensations and experiences and explore her world. Best of all, you’ll get some interruption free bonding time; swim time is the perfect time for kangaroo care bonding!

5 Ways Swim Lessons Help Your Baby

Soothing Environment: The gentle lapping water, quiet environment and quality time with mom or dad is soothing and comforting for your infant – and for you.

Sensory Development:  Your baby already has a developing sensory system; the movement and pressure of the water offers 360-degree feedback and is very soothing for most infants and toddlers. Water therapy is often used to sooth children with sensory issues; even typically developing babies can benefit from regular swims with mom or dad.

Parent and Baby Bonding: When you hold your baby close in the water, they get all the benefits of kangaroo care and attachment; both of these foster healthy development.

Safety: Even small infants can become comfortable in the water and begin preparing for swim lessons later in life. Your baby isn’t ready to swim laps, but basic infant swimming lessons provide skills that can help keep them safe as they grow.

Playtime: Any time your baby can spend exploring new sensations and environments provides valuable input for your infant and allows them to explore their growing world.

Swim time can help your baby in a variety of ways, from developing their emerging interest in the world to setting the foundation for swim safety skills later. Even though your baby may love the water, kids should never be left unattended by the pool or by bodies of water; swim lessons for babies provide ideal safety skills that your child will need at they grow. Contact us to learn about raising healthy, active kids and making the most of your quality time together.