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Summer Float Trips Are Moving To The Top Of Your To-Do List

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Here are some important tips to help keep your kids safe on and in the water while on a float trip.

Always jump feet first the first time when you’re at your favorite swimming spot.  Clear water might look deep, but the bottom could be closer than you think.  When water is murky, it could hide all kinds of hazards.   Currents constantly move rocks, limbs, and other debris.  Even places you’re familiar with might be hiding big trash items like refrigerators and tires.  To stay safe, save diving fun for pools that have lifeguards and deep areas specifically designed to practice those somersaults, pikes, and tucks.

Blue sky above does not always mean safe weather.  Lightning strikes can travel up to 10 miles.  Far off storms can send dangerous currents and flash floods your way if you’re downstream.  To stay safe, stay updated on both local and regional weather.  Have your kids wear well-fitting, regulation life jackets while in, on, and near the water.  Quickly get kids to high ground when water starts rising and find shelter away from water when lightning is in the area.

Take extra care of cuts.  Untreated water does have bacteria and some can cause serious infections.  To stay safe, keep kids out of the water if they already have open wounds.  Have a first aid kit handy to treat any injuries that occur and keep those scrapes and cuts clean, dry, and protected.  You can contact us or go to an emergency room for larger wounds, troubling symptoms, or signs of infection.

Float safe and keep summertime fun time!