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Hobby Lobby Recalls Holiday Spinners

Recently, the craft superstore Hobby Lobby had to recall two spinning light-up toys due to the dangers of choking and ingestion hazards. These items were produced for July 4 and Easter and were solid in a variety of stores around the nation. Here’s what you need to know about this recall and whether it affects you and your children.

The Hazard

In multiple cases, it was found that the battery cover was easy for children to detach from this toy. As a result, very young children could ingest the small coin cell batteries inside. These could easily cause a choking hazard or, if ingested, be a serious danger for a child’s digestive system. No known deaths have been reported, but about 43,000 of these units were recalled due to this danger.

Details Of The Recall

Anyone who owns one of these toys needs to call Hobby Lobby’s main office at 800-326-7931 between 9a-6p during the weekdays. They will give you more information on how to return this toy and get a full refund for the purchase price. To identify this toy, look for the number 9130033 or 9130082 printed on where the child holds the spinner.

You can also visit their official website and click on the recall tag to be taken to the appropriate area. Make sure to have your receipt for the toy available in case it is necessary to use it to identify your purchase. It shouldn’t be, but there may be circumstances in which it is necessary.

To learn more about safety recalls like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.