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Should You Buy One for Your Child?

If you have children, then you have no doubt heard about fidget spinners. Across the nation, these little gadgets are the most-wanted toy. The high demand makes them hard to find, and stores that get some in stock usually sell out quickly.

The original purpose of these toys was to help, as the name implies, with fidgeting. Kids who have a hard time sitting still and are constantly shaking their leg, or tapping their pencil (and usually bothering those around them) can spin this toy and get their fidgeting needs met in a quiet and unobtrusive way. Children with ADHD, autism, and anxiety disorders may find these gadgets help with some of the symptoms.

The key word here, is may. Many children who don’t have these issues, and some of those who do, are simply using this tool as a toy. And it is fun. Kids compete against each other to see whose can spin the longest, or they invent fun tricks to do with them. They now come in unique shapes and colors, some light up and others glow in the dark. They have become something to collect and trade.

But these fidget spinners can be dangerous too, and that is something parents need to be aware of. Some children have had serious eye injuries when spinning them on their face. They contain very small pieces and pose a choking hazard to small children in the household. Recently, even an older child accidentally swallowed a part of her spinner when she put it in her mouth to clean it, and ended up having emergency surgery to remove it.

So should you buy a fidget spinner for your child? They are fun, and it will probably keep your child amused for a while. Will it help stop their fidgeting? Don’t count on it. In fact, many schools have banned the toy because it is so distracting. But, until the next fad comes around, chances are your child will end up with one, so be aware of the dangers and teach your child to use them safely.

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