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Pumping When You Return to Work

New moms go through so many changes within a short amount of time. Just when you think you’ve got a system down with your little one, it’s suddenly time to go back to work. Making the transition back to the working world can be especially stressful for breastfeeding moms. Here are a few tips to make pumping at work more efficient.

Set a Schedule

Before you go back to work start to track what times you are feeding during working hours. To help your body adjust, try to keep a similar schedule once you return to the office. For example if you work an 8 hour day you will most likely need to pump 2 to 3 times per day for about 20-40 minutes per session. If you work in an office environment consider blocking off your calendar for theses dedicated times to help prevent any awkward interruptions.

Invest in a Quality Pump

During your pregnancy and after your baby arrives take some time to research which breast pump would be most suitable for your lifestyle. Some are manual while others are electric. Electric pumps are usually more expensive, but they offer more capabilities compared to the manual models. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a breast pump, so be sure to check with your insurance before purchasing one.

Make Cleaning a Breeze

One of the major pain points for pumping moms is the cleaning of pump parts. Proper cleaning is essential to maintaining the longevity of your pump and the quality of your breast milk. While its recommended to hand wash after each use, Medela has developed a Quick Cleaning Wipe for those times where you may be pressed for time. These convenient packs of wipes can easily be tossed into your purse.

Although pumping can be an added stress to your workload, try to relax. Keeping photos of your baby close by can help you feel connected while you pump. Please contact us today for more information about reaching your breastfeeding goals.