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Venturing out of the house with children in tow is often a daunting task that requires forethought and planning in order to ensure a fun and safe time for all. There are steps that can be taken to help make sure your children stay safe when out and about at school, the pool, the zoo, the neighborhood and everywhere in between.

Talk to your Children

Take time to talk with your children about safety. Without scaring them, talk through some potential dangers. Educate them about the dangers of wandering away in a crowd, taking things from strangers, or going with someone they do not know.


Like with anything that is worth doing well, child safety is completely worth practicing. Have them practice their phone numbers, address, and parent’s names in case they get separated and need to give out important information. Also talk with them about how to find someone to help them in case they get lost. Of course a police officer is a logical choice, but if one is not visible, it is wise to seek out a mom or a family with kids. They are likely to be a safe choice and also better equipped to help a child that is scared and confused.

Take a Photo

In the case that a child does get separated during an outing, it can be very hard to remain calm and remember important details. Before entering a crowded space, such as a zoo or an amusement park, take a picture of your children. That way, if you do get separated, you have an up to date image of your child available.

Family outings should be wonderfully fun memory making experiences. Please contact uscomment, and share more ideas you have to keep all members of the family safe and happy!